Monday, June 30, 2014

The Plane! The Plane! (said by short man in white suit)

WIP - I have had this pattern downloaded for awhile now. Was always planning boring (as R said) blues and whites for it.
Then we got this Challenge fabric and its just said to me "Airy"

The white is a pillow cover for this awesome feather pillow I got at Ikea in the as is section for 5 dollars. One of those hoarding situations again!
So Im making the piece fit that.

Starting to look like something. All that work got done at the VMQG All day sew in. I got so much done that day.

Now, Im so freaked out about quilting it. Thin lines the length like air? Free motion like clouds?  A big spiral, like the missing plane? (eek) Ill decide tomorrow!

I will also find the original link and credit etc. 

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