Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloween - 2010

Its interesting how I dont seem to have many pictures of all the costumes from over the years.
Need to work on that!
Medieval Princess with a BIG hat 

Little Red Riding Hood and Ladybug

Angel wings, no idea why no pictures of the dress. This costume won a prize!

Medieval Knight. So impressed with the chain mail idea.

Baby Quilt - Picnic

Baby Quilt - Pastel Asian

Baby Quilt - Flying Bunnies

Xmas 2010 Pjs with matching Pillowcases

One day I will figure out how to for-matte properly AND take better pictures.
These were not as well received as I would have hoped but all the kids were tired and grumpy by the time we go there. When I make these again, will use lighter fabric.

Xmas 2010 Eco Shopping Bags

Will definitely be making more of these in the future.

Random Doll Quilts and a oven mitt

Moms Quilt 2010