Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fabric - Part 1

 Stars and Strips - 110 cms x 4 metres - Quilting Cotton
Edo - 120 cms x 1 metre - Cottn

 Tan Stripped Shirting - 120 cms x 10 metres - maybe cotton poly blend?
Pin Strips - 120 cms x 3 metres - Slight stretch poly / cotten

 Strip B - 150 cms x 1 metre - Stretch jersey
Strip A - 160 cms x .6 metre - Stretch jersey
Knit Flowers - 150 cms x 1.5 metre - Jersey Knit
 Black and white Checks - 120 cms x 1.5 metres - slight stretch light demim weight
Eyelet - 100 cms x 2 metres - Stretch one way

Ikea canvas - 150 cms x 1.5 metres
Stars - 150 cms x 3 metres - Thin flowy cotton

 Blotches - 120 cms x 2 metres - medium weight with slight texture
Lace - 60 cm  2.5 metres - actually a curtain panel but was going to make lace shorts

 Kitten drinking milk - 120cms x 2 metres - cotton

 Purple mottle - 150 cms x 2 metres - Poly / Satin - shiny

 Strips / Flowers and dots - 100 cms x 5.5 metres - sheer poly

 Single flat sheet
 Single fitted sheet
 Single flat sheet
 Foam chips - not sure why I bought three bags!!

Cats - 120 cms x 5 metres - light canvas - I think this is old Ikea or something euro

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Plane! The Plane! (said by short man in white suit)

WIP - I have had this pattern downloaded for awhile now. Was always planning boring (as R said) blues and whites for it.
Then we got this Challenge fabric and its just said to me "Airy"

The white is a pillow cover for this awesome feather pillow I got at Ikea in the as is section for 5 dollars. One of those hoarding situations again!
So Im making the piece fit that.

Starting to look like something. All that work got done at the VMQG All day sew in. I got so much done that day.

Now, Im so freaked out about quilting it. Thin lines the length like air? Free motion like clouds?  A big spiral, like the missing plane? (eek) Ill decide tomorrow!

I will also find the original link and credit etc. 


Heart Pillow

I saw a bunch of people doing Pixel Quilts and though "hey I can do this"
Cut it all out and fiddled for a few days, then one day came home and R had made a perfect heart shape.
BUT when I was sewing it together I messed up and made two blocks the same touch and boy is she still mad about it! 
Sailing Ships
This is another one of those "Hey I can do that" kinda things. Its pretty traditional but I like it. Its for a 6 year old boy. White may not be a good idea but why not?

The two fronts with forms inside
I had some water fabric for years and years. Guess all that hoarding pays off sometimes!

Challenge Quote

VMQG Challenge Quilt

Trying to decide which way to go.


So happy with how this turned out. Its not perfect, I can see the mistakes but the overall visual makes me happy. Im going to hang it in my bedroom.

Challenge Tote #2

VMQG Blind Tote Bag Swap
Rebecca made this one

Challenge Totes

VMQG Blind Swap
The one I made (Sunday)

For the life of me I cant remember who got it!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Blue String

First time doing something bigger than a pillow with this technique. I like the results personally.
This is a quilt for a coworkers baby shower.

Of course I can see flaws and wish I could have quilted it more, but you know how these things always get left till the last possible minute. I cut, pieced and assembled this (well I should say R did 50% of it!) in two evenings.